Communication Tools for Management

Organization adopts different methods to communication with the executives. Some of the written communication tools for management is discussed below:-

1. Policy statement: Organization policies, principles, procedures, instructions etc. are formulated and conveyed to the executives in written form. Top management also prepares important papers in written form so that everybody can read and understand them easily. Policy statements are always made written, because it acts as evidence and legal document.

2. Special Management Bulletin: Bulletin are used form communication urgent messages. Bulletins are published and circulated when important information is to be conveyed to the management people on emergency basis. Information about any change in plan or policy, special meeting, immediate target etc. is carried out by special management bulletin.

3. Management Newsletter: Management newsletter is used to Communication Tools for Managementcommunication less important or less urgent message with the executives. Generally it is published at a certain time interval such as weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

4. Organizational Manual : Organizational manual is circulated among the executives to make them familiar with the organizational culture, mission, vision, goals, products and services and positions of different executives with specific authority and responsibility. It is a useful method of communicating with management.

5. Formal management Report : Managers at different levels prepare reports to make their superiors informed about the situation. It helps the top authority to take better decisions depending on the circumstances.

6. Special Report : Another important communication tools for management is Special report. Special report is prepared on special event or situation. This type of report helps the managers to inform the employees about certain event.

7. Supervisor’s handbook: Supervisor’s handbook includes rules, regulations, procedures, guidelines etc for supervisors. This type of handbook is supplied by the organization to the supervisors so that they can perform their duties properly.

8. Memorandum: Memorandum is an important tool of internal communication Executives use memorandums for communicating recent decision, policies, changes with the people in the organization.

9. Special Publication for Supervisors : Another important communication tools for management is special publication for supervisors. Large organizations issue special publications for the supervisors that contain important information on various fields. Supervisors can know how to improve quality, minimize cost, reduce work related accidents, improve security and so on form these publications.

10. Job Description: Executives are given a written description about their jobs along with basic authority and responsibility. Job description helps them to understand their work areas, power, status etc.

From the above discussion, we find that there are different methods or communication tools for management with managers and employees in written way. All of these tools act as the evidence for further reference.
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